Become Weightless


Pain Management

Floating helps with pain.  Whether you have back pain, chronic pain from accidents or medical conditions, or are recovering from injuries, floating will remove gravity from your body, activate your endorphins, and have you feeling better than ever.

Stress & Anxiety Reduction

Life can be stressful. Luckily there’s floating. Let go of muscular tension. Lower blood pressure and stress hormones.  Reset your nervous system and find your inner peace.  The most recent studies on floating show it to be more effective than anti-anxiety medication.

Athletic Performance

Recover from intense workouts and injuries. Reduce performance anxiety and get in the zone. Visualize and mentally prepare for the big game.  It’s no surprise that Olympic athletes and top level championship teams across all major sports incorporate floating as a part of their training.  You might have heard of two of the biggest floaters in sports ­ Tom Brady and Steph Curry.

Personal Growth

Explore the frontiers of inner space. Unleash creativity and wisdom. Experience the deepest meditative journey on Earth. We recommend the Float Club Membership for developing a consistent floating practice that evolves with you over time.  You’ll find that the biggest changes all come from within.


You have a lot to carry. Let floating lighten the load. Ease back pain, stress, cramps, and overall soreness. Connect with your baby in this incredible womb-like environment. Pregnant women have been among our most satisfied floaters.

Sleep Management

Have trouble sleeping?  Floating will be the deepest rest you’ve ever had.  60 minutes of floating can feel like hours of sleep.  Many of our floaters report their best night of sleep after floating.  Not only that, frequent travelers also use it to cure jet lag.


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